For your Truck with a 6 ½ or 8 Foot Bed
Cap-Pack® Sport
Cap-Pack® Sport CPS-6

The larger (Model CPS-6) Cap-Pack® Sport is an innovative storage system that utilizes more wasted space of your truck cap to organize and secure your valuable equipment. When closed, the lightweight aluminum storage drawer locks into a sturdy elevated frame that allows your truck bed to be free of clutter, and available for large items. When needed, the Cap-Pack® Sport opens to allow easy access to your belongings. Adjustable dividers add convenience and organization.

Designed for the sportsman, contractors also find the Cap-Pack® Sport indispensible. It can be easily reconfigured with optional accessories.

The Cap-Pack® Sport MSRP: $850.

Two Cap-Pack® Sport models fit virtually all full sized and most mid-sized, standard height, truck caps.

Cap-Pack® Sport Model No. CPS-6:

The Model No. CPS-5 fits 5 ½ foot beds.

The Cap-Pack® Sport drawer is easy to temporarily remove to accommodate taller items in your truck bed.

Questions? Call us about any questions on fitment or applications: (262) 642-2093. If you have questions, we will answer them.

For the do-it-yourselfer, an Easy Assembly Guide is included. Watch the video below for a "how to" instruction on ground level installation of the Cap-Pack® Sport into an existing cap. Or download this Easy Installation Guide.

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$699 + $99 shipping.

CPS-6 for 6 1/2 or 8 foot bed truck
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Optional Accessories for Your Cap-Pack® Sport:

Set (2) of Additional Storage Dividers $49, shipping included.

Bow Holder $59, shipping included.

Gun Divider Set $114, shipping included.

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