Dry, Lockable Space for the Outdoorsman

As an avid waterfowler and outdoorsman, my truck is utilized in many different ways over any given season.
As many of you know, truck beds get covered with mud and grass and everything else that daily use brings along with it, so being able to store my gear in a dry, lockable space that’s up off the traffic area is a necessity.
Cap-Pack has changed the game in the way I store my gear. They have created an unmatched storage option that includes storing gear in a way that’s accessible and organized.
The accessibility and functionality of my bed give me and my crew an advantage, no matter the pursuit in the great outdoors.

Caleb Jones



Game Changer

I have to say that the Leer Locker is a GAME CHANGER. I have hunted my entire Life and have always had the cab of my truck full of hunting gear. I considered buying a cap to put on my truck for the past 10 years but never did. This Past season my wife and I had our first child and I spent the majority of hunting season unloading and reloading all of my gear so I could make room for my girls. One night, watching the Outdoor Channel, I saw Fred Eichler talking about how awesome the Leer Locker was for storing all his gear securely, and that it took advantage of the wasted space in the cap. I had to have one after that. I now have my truck decked out with a Leer 100XR Cap with a Leer Locker and all I can say is I wish I would have had it 10 years ago. Turkey season opened this past weekend here in AR and I had my locker completely organized with everything that would normally go in my cab locked away where I didn’t have to worry about it. The cab of my truck was completely empty and clean, and not once did I unload any of my gear. Plus I ended up killing the biggest turkey of my career, 21lbs with an 11.5 in beard. For all you hard core hunters that live out of your truck during hunting season like I do, The Leer Locker will completely revolutionize the way you hunt. You will spend less time loading and unloading your gear and more time hunting. - Kyle

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"I have friends that all bought your products and love them, we hunt, fish, boat a lot here in Montana! Your products serve us well!"
Art, Tifco Industries, Billings, Montana